{Write your goal here} {by when}
Key Motivations

Why is this goal important to you? Write 3-5 key motivations, one motivation per bullet.

  • {Write first motivation here.}

Next Actions

What is the next action? What specific action do you you need to take to move yourself closer to achieving this goal? Don’t get bogged down in excessive planning. You don’t have to see the entire path. Identifying the next action is sufficient. When you complete that, write another.

{Write first next action step here.}

Progress Reports

How are you doing? Track your progress here, by indicating the date and then a key measurement, milestone, or random note.

Measurement, Milestone, or Random Note
{Insert first note.}

Random Notes

What are you noticing and want to remember. Use this section as you would a journal.

{Insert your notes here.}
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